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Secluded in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia, we look forward to inaugurating our new headquarters. The centre will promote world-class trauma and stress research and clinical programs to attend the needs of those who cannot afford traditional treatment both in Australia and around the world.

The Clinic

“My vision for the centre is to create a healing environment in nature where individuals feel safe, connected, and propagate altruism through opportunities to help some of most vulnerable populations around the world. Such can be done by volunteering in our trauma research, or be connected with volunteer and work opportunities both in Australia and globally, promoting for each beneficiary a sense of agency and worth”.

- Jana Pinto, Sync founder.

All clinical care will be free of charge for any person who experienced trauma, including refugees, veterans, emergency service providers, police officers, survivors of domestic violence, motor vehicle accidents, sexual assault, and others, and are unable to afford traditional mental health services.

Private mental health retreats and professional training will also be offered to further promote healing, knowledge, and income to our global non-profit programs.

eResilience App Global Randomised Clinical Trial (RCT)

Emergency Watchlist

Emergency Watchlist


Our Research Focuses on Neuroscience, Culture and Technology, to Ensure Our Trauma Relief Programs are Effective, Safe, and Accessible to All.


 “She guided through the trauma healing and from that healing today I am able to recover, I came to myself, I came to my senses. I really feel good that now I am a human being, and I am safe, I feel fine in my body. – F.D.”


eResilience App



The Sankofa Project was launched in June of 2017 at a War/ Ebola-impacted community in Liberia. We examined the efficacy of the trauma curriculum (now digitised as the eResilience App) previously utilised by our former Non-Profit Second Chance providing trauma care to 7,211 individuals in West Africa since 2008, and in independent projects by our founder with 2,203 children and adults in

Myanmar, 750 in Israel/Palestine, and 120 in the USA.


Our teams conducted a throughout follow-up of 100 beneficiaries at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. A full report is currently being prepared.



Funding eResilience for Ebola-Impacted Communities in West Africa


Special thank you to Bono from U2 for supporting our campaign and to all U2 fans coming together to sell our bracelets during the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour.


With all the trauma I experienced after the War my life was wasted. In fact you are my mentor, the voice for the voiceless. Anytime I think of the program I see myself transforming from grass to grace. Words cannot express the kind of post trauma treatment you went through with me. I know it was short-termed but the little you gave me is worth. I can’t describe the type of trauma I suffer from birth till I was able to get in contact with you. 

-Kaba Moore, former beneficiary and current eResilience Group Facilitator in Liberia, West Africa

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