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Success Stories

  We respect our participants confidentiality. All content on this page is published with consent. Testimonials may not correspond to the intercalated photos as some who spoke requested anonymity. 

She guided through the trauma healing and from that healing today I am able to recover, I came to myself, I came to my senses. I really feel good that now I am a human being, and I am safe, I feel fine in my body. – F.D.

  “Before the war, I graduated from high school and a professional training in airline ticketing and reservations. I also had good taste in fashion design and was an excellent seamstress. I worked at a travel agency as a supervisor while attending university, but in my second year I couldn’t continue because of the civil war in my country. During the war I was kidnapped and taken very far away by rebels where I spent some years of hardship. I was violently abused all of the time. I was helpless, lonely and emptied inside. I was always ready to die because of what I was going through. Then one day a miracle happened: I escaped. But the grief, shattered spirit and fear remained inside of me. I was always silent. It was a blessing that one day I participated in your counseling sessions to heal my trauma. I was transformed from being a victim to becoming a more meaningful person”. - V.G.


“While at the Monrovia Central Prison, an organization visited the prison and we were helped by the means of their training, such as exercises, counseling and lectures. I personally benefited, there were exercises we were introduced to that when you are down or depressed, it helped you lift your spirit. It helped me many days to relax and have a good night rest despite my problems at the prison. It made me at times to even think that there was a second chance in my life. And I will like to encourage them to keep up the good works, because it made people feel important, that whatever problems in their lives is not the end of their lives. May the good God bless their effort and keep them strong”. M.R.

We have really seen a change and we know that there’s a hope through psychology today, that we can forget about the past and even live a better life. - M.K.

   "I am Samuel Moore, who went to Ghana, traumatized from the Liberia civil war six years before I found you in Ghana 2008. Really, I never have any interest or a thought about going back to my home Liberia, because of my experience through the death of my younger brother. I don't really know what was happening to me. If you are traumatized you will not really know what you are doing expect someone come to your aid. I was always having a nightmare about the war in the country and that put constant fear in me, and I have no interest or pleasure in many things. But thank God that I found you who give me the trauma treatment, they didn't go to the medicine store to buy me a drug, but rather told me what to do and I follow the instructions, for example, I was told to closed my eyes and go to a safe zone, and many more and it works perfectly for me. I don't really know how I got out of that trauma, but thank God and all who supported your work. I never had any thought about coming back to Liberia, but here I am in Liberia once more so happy to be back home. It was you who makes me who I am today to come back to Liberia, not really reminding myself any more about the war again. Again I say many thanks to all the sponsor of this organization to be where I am today. Please continue to support their work, there are many out there who are traumatized not only in my country Liberia, Africa and the world at large. Many thanks, I love you all, and all our sponsors."

I’ve been suffering from trauma for the past 14-15 years, without knowing I had a disorder. I got more than one hundred war scenes that I saw that I did not know psychologically would affect me. I just got to know it through my treatment. I feel sick if I think about what a lot of my brothers and sisters are going through right now because of the lack of knowledge. -K.M.

     “I really wanted to write you in the second week that you left, but I really wanted to see if the transformation that took place my life was something real or magical. I am convinced that it was something real that took place in my life. I want to be grateful to God who directed you in Ghana to the Liberian Refugee. I am grateful that I ever met you. There’s no more nightmares, bad dreams running every night for safety. I can see myself as somebody still useful in life. I believed that there is hope for the future me. I know that with your traumatic therapy treatment you can heal anybody who have been living with trauma for twenty to fifty years. I am saying this because of what took place in my life. I have been living with trauma for the past sixteen years and for you to make me overcome my trauma in less than a month it is something I can’t still believe. However, I am bit sad because there are many Liberians who are going back home still traumatized. UNHCR have been doing well for REFUGEE all over the world but we need more trauma counselors to help these people going back home. Many Liberians do not want to go back home but they do not have any choice. For now there is no more resettlement program for Liberians refugee by UNHCR, therefore they have go back home. It is my prayer that you will be able to get help from other people”. – S.G.

With all the trauma I experienced after my life was wasted. In fact you are my mentor, the voice for the voiceless. Anytime I think of Sync I see myself transforming from grass to grace. Words cannot express the kind of post trauma treatment you went through with me. I know it was short-termed but the little you gave me is worth. I can’t describe the type of trauma I suffer from birth till I was able to get in contact with you. -K.M.